Elise Titus

Training Options


Movement and Conditioning Training

Traditional gym workouts of long cardio sessions and muscle-specific weight training are not the best options if your goals are to reduce injury and increase performance. Using a full body functional movement approach builds stability and mobility in the right joints so you can accomplish your goals.

When you sign up for a coaching session, we discuss your personal goals and customized plan that works for your schedule. I will start with a functional movement screen that will help determine the best exercises for your body. You will then be provided with an individualized program to help correct any imbalances and increase your fitness and performance. The workouts start with foam rolling to address your trigger points followed by active stretching to increase your flexibility. Next, is a dynamic warm-up where we will perform corrective exercises that help reduce injuries. Finally, we will condition with low repetitions of functional movements to increase strength.

All exercises are customized for where you are on your fitness journey and what equipment you have at your disposal. As we progress through the various phases, the exercises will change to ensure that you are continually challenged and feeling better.

Aerial Coaching

Over the years the I’ve met so many people that want to try aerials but they nearly all say the same thing…”I’m not strong enough” and “I’m not flexible enough”. What I don’t hear is people saying that they need to get stronger or more flexible before they start going to the gym…because the gym is where you build those foundations. Well, the same is true with aerial classes!

Whether you choose to book a private lesson with me or join a group class, I will provide you with a warm-up that wakes up the muscles you may not use all the time, then you’ll have time to experience the apparatus, and we conclude with some conditioning. Aerials help you find a deeper connection with your body’s natural movements and identify challenge areas. We cultivate those skills that come naturally to you and condition the challenge areas so, if you stick with it, you will be able to see a whole new you emerge from inside!

I conduct group classes, individual coaching sessions, and workshops out of Gravity Alternative Movement in Watertown, MA. I offer a range of disciplines for all levels including skill building, sequencing, choreography, functional strength, and flexibility. In all of my sessions, I aim to create a non-judgmental and encouraging environment. I’ll meet you wherever you are on your path and be your guide for wherever you want to go.